This is a site dedicated to fly fishing in the UK and contains a searchable database of flyfishing venues, retail outlets and instructors.

Entries for the above are free of charge and can contain name, address, website, telephone number, email address, facilities and any extra data required. If a website is entered in the appropriate data field this will be automatically added to the fishery / instructor / retail outlet name to form a clickable link. Email addresses entered will be added to the contact name in the same way. If a postcode is provided then our software will provide a clickable link form the postcode that will open a new window from "Multi Map" showing a map of the exact location for that postcode.

Owners of the entries listed may have free use of the "My Account" service allowing them to directly update any data held at any time.

Although these services are entirely free we would appreciate a reciprocal link from sites using them.

The organisers of UK Flyfishing Net spend a number of weeks each year touring the UK and visiting as many fisheries as possible. For each map area we may highlight a particular venue as a "Favourite Fishery". If this is the case then a button will appear under the search results giving access to more information about that fishery. Favourite fisheries are chosen on the basis of the enjoyment experienced when fishing them. They will be stocked with good quality fish at a level that will satisfy the average angler. Consideration is given to the scenery, the cleanliness, the attitude of other anglers and - above all - the attitude of the fishery staff in terms of friendliness and advice and assistance (not only to us but, for example, to novice anglers present). If a venue is rated as a "Favourite Fishery" then we have visited it and feel that it is one worth visiting again. Inclusion as a favourite fishery is an entirely personal choice and should not be viewed as implying that any fishery in a county offers better value for money than any other.

Where a county does not show a "Favourite Fishery" this simply means that we have not visited enough fisheries in that county to have developed a preference.

If you find any information on this website that you feel is incorrect or out of date, or find missing or broken links, or have information relating to fisheries not listed here then please contact us.