Extra Data

A Free Service from UK Flyfishing Net.

This facility allows the owners of entries on the UK Flyfishing Net to add extra information - together with an image - relating to themselves. For a venue this information could - for example - be up to date "How's it Fishing" information, the tickets prices for the Venue or the rules.A Shop might use it to display any special offers etc.

To access this facility you will need to use the "My Account" option and enter your account number and password. If you do not have an account then please contact us identifying yourself as the owner / manager / proprietor / instructor relating to the entry and your details will be emailled to you.

Using "My Account" you will be able to alter or update all information on display relating to your entry instantly and at any time. To have an image displayed under Extra Data please email a suitable image and we will add it. Text for Extra Data can be entered online for immediate display and can include HTML Tags allowing you to format your text and adjust font colour and size. If you are not familiar with HTML then just set up the text that you require using Word in the format and colour that you require and email it to us. Please do not put hypertext links to other sites or email addresses in Extra Data, as these will not work correctly.