Web Services

As an Instructor or the owner of a fishery or a tackle shop you may not have the time or expertise needed to run your own web site or you may be put off by the costs involved. If this is the case then UK Flyfishing Net may be able to help. We offer a variety of low cost options that will enable you to have an "Internet Presence" with the minimum fuss and trouble.

Virtual Websites:

We register the name that you choose, this costs just £10 and lasts for two years. Once the name has been registered we will transfer ownership to you (at no extra charge) and, after two years, we can renew it for you or you can renew it yourself.

We then create your site using material - text and images - supplied by you (in most cases the easiest route is to use an existing "flyer" or other publicity material) and host the pages on our site. We then redirect your name (i.e. point it at your pages) so that whenever it is typed into a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) your pages are brought up with your name (not ours) showing in the browser bar.

If required we can automatically forward email sent to your site on to an email address of your choice free of charge.

The two images below are examples of this option, just click on either image to visit the site.

Woodchurch Trout Fishery

A typical minimum site of this nature would have an entry page - including an image of your venue / shop / logo - giving access to other pages for "Prices", "Rules", "Contact Information" and "How to find us".

The cost for the minimum package starts at £75 (first year including registering the name and setting up the site) renewable for £50 in the second year. These charges include maintenance and a reasonable level of alterations. If you require extra pages that require updating frequently (e.g. a "Photo Gallery") then contact us for prices.

Full Websites.

We can also provide full websites hosted with a reliable ISP at very attractive prices and we can design and or maintain these sites for you a extremely reasonable rates. These sites are registered in your name and remain your property at all times.

Server Side Code.

This allows you to run active code on your website including counters, guest books, bulletin boards and even chat rooms. Since we write our own code for these purposes the application is only limited by your imagination.

Please contact us for further information on any of the above.